No one is born a writer. No one sets down the career path to become a blogger. It’s more of a natural occurrence that is found when experience, opportunity, and courage collide, and the culmination of thought and emotion is set free in the form of the written word.

Every writer has to start somewhere, and at Random Writers, our goal is to make this site that starting place for you. That’s not to say Random Writers is only for beginners. We welcome any and all writers looking to provide content, contribute to discussion, and expand their audience.

We’re currently seeking writers to contribute content for any of our current channels.

  • PROMPTS: Write about one of our pre-determined topics. Posts will be published the week of that particular topic.
  • FAITH: Write about your experiences with your faith, your beliefs, etc.
  • PARENTING: Write about thoughts, experiences, ideas, etc. regarding parenting and raising children. You don’t have to be a parent to contribute to this channel.
  • COMMUNITY: Write about what’s important to you about your local or global community. Looking to get the word out about your favorite charity or an upcoming event? This is the channel for you.

As Random Writers grows, we hope and expect to see our channels expand to include different categories of conversation.


  1. Please send your submissions via email to Submissions need to be as text in the email and not as an attachment (e.g. Word document, PDF, etc.)
  2. Everyone has their own style in terms of storytelling, and we don’t want to put too many parameters around your writing. We ask your submission be in the range of 400 – 1000 words. These are not strict word-count requirements, but rather a guideline of min-max ranges.
  3. We ask you take the time prior to your submission to review your post for typographical and grammatical errors. Random Writers reserves the right to make minor changes as needed, but submissions should be final versions of your work.
  4. All submissions must include:
    1. A title for the submission
    2. Your name as you would like it to appear on the post
    3. A link back to your blog or website (if you have one)
    4. A short bio (3-4 sentences) to be included in the post



By submitting your work to Random Writers, you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age. You also confirm you are the sole owner of the work being submitted, and you’re granting Random Writers express permission to publish your piece with your name by website, print or rss method. You also acknowledge you are submitting your work with no expectation of commercial or financial compensation, regardless of whether or not Random Writers currently or at some future date generates revenue from the Random Writers web site. All submissions remain the property and copyright of the submitting writer. Random Writers in not required to publish all submissions received. Random Writers may not reply to all submission received, but will confirm with with the respective writer when their post will be published.


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