2012 Topics

Random Writers continues to be a work in progress, and the topic list below is our first step in that new direction for 2012. We invite you to send us your ideas for topics to cover this year, use this list as writing prompts for your own blog, or better yet, send your submissions to us for inclusion in our writing community.

Week 1 (Jan. 18): Write about overcoming adversity.
Week 2 (Jan. 22): Write about about a lesson you learned the hard way.
Week 3 (Jan. 29): Write about the difference between living and existing.
Week 4 (Feb. 05): Write about achieving a personal goal or realizing a dream come true.
Week 5 (Feb. 12): Write about the last time you listened to the sound of your own breathing.
Week 6 (Feb. 19): Write about activities that make you lose track of time.
Week 7 (Feb. 26): Write about whether you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?
Week 8 (Mar. 04): Write about what you want most out of life.
Week 9 (Mar. 11): Write about something you would do differently if you knew no one would judge you.
Week 10 (Mar. 18): Write about how/where you find your inspiration.
Week 11 (Mar. 25): Write about what message you would want to share if you were speaking to a large audience.
Week 12 (Apr. 01): Write about whether you’d rather have less or more work you actually enjoy doing.
Week 13 (Apr. 08): Write about a new beginning in your life.
Week 14 (Apr. 15): Write about what life has taught you recently.
Week 15 (Apr. 22): Write about whether you’re more worried about doing things right or doing the right things.
Week 16 (Apr. 29): Write about how you have changed in the last five years?

…..more to come.


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