2011 Topics

Below is a list of the topics we’ll be covering in 2011. As the new year rolls around, we will be coming up with a new list of discussion items.

Week 1 (Sep. 18): How do you deal with people who don’t believe in you?
Week 2 (Sep. 25): What’s your favorite website and why?
Week 3 (Oct. 2): What was a closed door that led to an open door? Guest blogger Regina Verow
Week 4 (Oct. 9): What is the greatest discovery you have ever made? Guest blogger Greg Hartle
Week 5 (Oct. 16): What is one thing you felt strongly about but changed your mind? Guest blogger Deb Stewart
Week 6 (Oct. 23): Who would you give a second chance to?
Week 7 (Oct. 30) : What personal prisons have you built out of fear? Guest blogger Sue Markovitch
Week 8 (Nov. 6): Military Theme- What is one change you wish to see in the world?
Week 9 (Nov. 13): Write about someone you consider to be a hero. Guest blogger Rebecca Smith
Week 10 (Nov. 20): Write about gratitude. Please visit Epic Thanks if you wan to guest blog about this topic.
Week 11 (Nov. 27): What is one thing you miss from your childhood? Guest blogger Debora Coty
Week 12 (Dec. 4): What is your definition of success?
Week 13 (Dec. 11): What was your most memorable meal? Guest blogger Evan Forester
Week 14 (Dec. 18): What “Gets You Off? Guest blogger Shelbie Langlois
Week 15 (Dec. 25): What’s one thing you desire for your future? (excluding the health and well being of your family & friends) Guest blogger Joseph Lalonde

Do you want to contribute as a Guest Blogger, or have a blog topic you’d like to see included in our list for 2012, if so, please e-mail us at


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