Keep On Keepin’ On

19 Apr

By Lindsey Goodall

Though it may seem that RW’s has lost it’s mojo,  I assure you that it has not!   We love this project and are committed to it, but we’re all just balancing a variety of commitments, relationships, and additional priorities and sometimes life gets in the way.  Appropriately, this weeks topic, “Write about what life has taught you recently”, gives us a view into the diversions that have kept us away from here.  Gil wrote a fantastic post yesterday, and I would encourage you to check it out, HERE.

The last few weeks and months have been a whirlwind for me personally.  Though I’ve slowed it down, rested and recovered, just as I set out to after the first of the year, God has been rocking and rolling all over my life.  It’s as if I hopped up on some big surfboard and have just been riding the wave ever since.  There’ve certainly been a few spills, but I can assure you it’s been a ride. I’m sorry that I can’t delve into the details at this point, but the time isn’t quite right. I am excited, however, to share a little bit today about what I’ve been learning.  I hope God speaks through it, even without great analogies and stories to make the point.

So, here are the Cliff’s notes:

We Are At War.  Where there is good, there is bad.  Where there is light, there is also dark.  We have an enemy in this world who hates us, and wants our hearts and our souls for his very own.  As we draw near to God, we fire him up, and all sorts of craziness starts to take place.  And while we have a sword and shield like no other, we have to fight!  We have to tell the asshole to back off, that he has no right to us, and that we want no part of him.  Doing so, consistently, sends him packing.  And despite how fast and furious the attacks are coming, it’s important to never, ever give up.  He will retreat. God is always there by our sides, and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is all the proof that we need to know that God always wins and that love always wins.

Let Go And Let God.  I’ve written on this topic before, but never in my life have I seen so clearly what He will do when we truly surrender.  The Bible tells us that God wants to bless us.  He wants to give us what we want, but we are so fond of holding on to all control devices that He can’t. As I’ve been fighting on the front lines of a spiritual attack for the past year, I reached a point after the first of this year where letting go was seemingly the easiest way to shore up some energy.  I was so tired from fighting the devil to continue fighting the Lord, too, and somehow, unknowingly at the time, I just said, “Fine, Lord.  Do it your way.” There were two major areas in which my normal efforts would have certainly failed and God has shown up BIG TIME in both, creating welcomed results that I alone could have never manufactured.

Seasons.  Life truly does take us through a period of season.  There are times of blessings, times of want, times of trial, times of peace.  He does this to keep us on our toes, to keep us from getting too self sufficient, as self-sufficiency keeps us from turning our eyes towards the One who made us.   We should never lose heart in a season of trial, because as we remain committed to listening and doing what He asks, seasons of blessing appear out of thin air.

The Power Of A Praying Woman.  I’ve seen books along the lines of that title for years.  My church has this Daughters of the King ministry, which is essentially a bunch of old ladies who take the churches prayer list each week and commit themselves to going toe to toe with God on them on a daily basis.  Admittedly, I’ve always chalked that one up to, “it’s nice that the church gives those old ladies some meaning in their lives” and thought little more about it. But man, Holy cow! I had no idea what power there was in prayer until God convicted me to prayer for a certain someone that I truly had no interest or desire to support in any way.  I did what He told me, though, starting with popcorn prayers whenever I thought of this person, to committing to praying on the subject when walking the poodle, to eventually even fasting for this lost friend. It was as if, that little bit of obedience set off a 30 mile domino track.  What God has done from the time that started until now, I suspect, will ultimately become one of my life’s greatest journeys. Once I get to the 30,000 foot view, I believe there will be more specifics written on the subject, but for the time being, go pray.  Trust me.  Male or female.  I say with absolute certainty that there is a direct correlation between prayerful obedience and answered prayers.

Never Lose Faith.  No one said life would ever be easy.  And faith doesn’t make life easy. It makes all things possible.  I don’t care what you’re going through. Little trials increase our faith for the big trials.  Life is a journey, not a destination. Jesus is a journey, not a destination. We’re going to have to continue slogging along, fighting the battle against Satan, struggling with letting go, enduring seasons of ups and downs, all the while praying unceasingly if we want to defeat the bastard.  The good news is that once you grasp that, it becomes a joy.  You see life for what it is, recognizing what is being thrown at you and who it is being thrown at you from.  If it’s from Satan, reject it.  If it’s from God, embrace it.  It’s not about you.  It’s about God.

Recap: So shut up, pick up your sword, fight the devil with all you’ve got, let God do what He’s going to do, embrace whatever is happening in your life as a learning experience, and pray unceasingly KNOWING that faith isn’t the believe that God can, but that He WILL.


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2 responses to “Keep On Keepin’ On

  1. John Leonard (@John_Leonard)

    April 19, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Great post to start my day and one that “set off a 30 mile domino track” of good memories, one of which I would like to share with you.

    A few years ago I was at war with myself and going through a pretty bad stretch when a friend invited me to a 4 day Christian music festival in NH called Soul fest. After days of walking aimlessly around and feeling lost, I sat down by the river and just cried out “Fine, Lord. Do it your way”. The next thing I know I wander into one of the many revival tents, I sit down and begin listening to this young guy Jason Upton talking about “Faith” and then he launched in to a tune of the same name.

    I never forgot that song or that moment, it was powerful, and it changed my life.

    Thanks again Lindsey for a great post, the memory, and the opportunity to sit here with my morning coffee and listen to a little Jason Upton while reading great stuff 🙂

  2. Lindsey Goodall

    April 19, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Thank you John, for your comment and for sharing your story. It’s a beautiful testimony of how when we cry out his name, he is always faithful in letting us know He’s listening! He knows our hearts and always, always, always meet us wherever we may be!

    And WOW! What a song! Thank you for sharing as I know it will become a favorite of all who check it out here!


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