Finding Inspiration

25 Mar

by Lindsey Goodall

Random Writers: Write about how/where you find your inspiration.

Many creative types have a muse.  The person or thing that releases or uncovers matters of the heart,  mind and soul in imaginative ways. Shakespeare had the Dark Lady, Dali had his wife Gala, John Lennon had Yoko, and Adam Levine had Jane.  In these cases, women inspired works of art, literature and song. Women do make the world go round, you know. I suppose I should embrace that.

While I’ve had the good fortune of being surrounded by amazing women in my life, and by being inspired by many of them, I am heterosexual, and thus not familiar in my own life with having a female muse. But after a week like I’ve just experienced, I didn’t have to look too far to find where my inspiration comes from.

This last week has been one series of divine appointment after another.  God has been moving in HUGE ways, answering prayer right and left.  In the midst of a big week with having a major fundraiser on Saturday, God left my calendar virtually wide open, allowing me the time I needed to invest myself in the situation at hand and to be ready whenever He called.  I have had the honor and privilege of being USED, and it’s exciting.

(It’s not really my story to share so forgive me for not going into details, though I’d love to.  If we’re lucky, maybe it will show up on these walls sometime in the future, written by the one with the story to tell.)

It makes me want to dig deeper, to know my maker better, to pray harder, to soften and heal my own heart, and to choose to do it ALL His way.  No more of this, I’ll do this part my way but you can be in control of this area of my life. My efforts only covered up deeper issues, and this time around, I’m choosing to let go and let God resolve them, and to be in control of it all.

I read somewhere this week that there is a direct correlation between obedience and having your prayers answered.   I have had lots of prayers but, admittedly, a past short on obedience to Him.  After a little personal struggle with obedience last Sunday, and ultimately saying “Okay, I’ll do it”, I saw the correlation first hand as I sat back and watched God do His thing as only He can do, answering prayers, speaking clearly and audibly, and making shit happen.  That kind of response from Him only inspires me to want to be more faithful, more dutiful, and more obedient.

I have NO CLUE what “doing the next thing ” means at this moment,  I’m excited that if I take the time to listen that He’ll show me.  I’m so excited to watch God work in big fat ways, and to be a part of it and I now see that my inspiration comes from the one, and the only one, who would lay down His life for mine.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” – John 15:13

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