God Box

26 Jan

By Alan Jarrett

I used to have one, in fact I have gone through a couple. Ultimately the last one was smashed beyond repair, and God is finally free…to be God.

Present at all times and out of time. I and all that is are completely engulfed in His magnificent embrace. Everything that is exists from Him, and ultimately returns to Him. Nothing that is can be separate from Him, because He cannot separate Himself from Himself. Many will have a problem with that one. It defies explanation, but there are those who will dispute it to the death.

A God who created all that is. A God who created the good and the evil. Ah, there’s another truth that many cannot accept. Lucifer is charged with creating evil, yet where did the evil in Lucifer come from? Was it of Lucifer’s own making? Did the angels have the power to create like God. The answer is fairly simple. No.

But don’t all good things come from God? Does that mean that all bad things come from somewhere else? Things that we call bad, are not necessarily bad in God’s eyes. Man is the one who has applied terms of good and bad based on whether or not events and circumstances were to his liking.

What about the events that took place with Job? Lucifer, Satan, the devil, the evil one, whatever name fits, was given permission by God to torment Job. To destroy and kill his family. To destroy all his wealth, and ultimately his health. Was that evil? Was God out of control all during the time Job was being tormented and persecuted? What would you call the murder and destruction of all that Job had save his wife?

Did God create Lucifer? Did God make a mistake? Did Lucifer, a perfect creation of God, just suddenly become imperfect? How does something perfect, in a perfect heaven, become imperfect? We do not see that angels had free will such as was given to Adam. Since nothing that is can be except that it come from God, that which we call evil, the same as that which we call good, has only one source.

How do we know what is good? We measure it against things that are pleasurable, or convenient to a way of life we have grown accustomed to. The same can be said for evil. It would be the opposite. Joni Erickson Tata is a quadriplegic.  Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, and Roger Youderian all died in a horrific way. Kurds were gassed in Iraq. Cain slew Abel.

Moses brought about all sort of pestilence, including the death of the first born of perhaps hundreds of thousands. God flooded the whole Earth. God did these things. Do we call them evil? Are they evil? How many times did God order the Hebrews to annihilate their foes, even if they had surrendered?

So if God has allowed that which we call evil to exist, does that mean God is out of control? Can evil exist except that God allow it? And is it in fact evil, or bad, or is it just a way for us to know good in all of it’s extremes? How could we appreciate the day if there was no night. How could we know good if there were no bad? Why do you think you should understand any of this, as we do not have the mind of God?

A reference was made to a watered down version of God in relation to how I see God, because it was suggested we are to focus on things that are, good, beautiful, worthy, honest and such, rather than spend time dwelling on the past events that cannot be changed. It seems that Jesus, who was God in the flesh, was the one who said these things, and I find that hard to argue with.

When it was suggested we are to love those who persecute us, there was a suggestion that this may come from a watered down view of God. It is with gratitude and thanksgiving that I know my view of God is anything but watered down. He said He brings me peace, and gives me peace. He came so that I would have a fuller, more meaningful existence while present here. And as I allow myself to be emptied out making room for Him, my joy will be complete. My heart is full. My cup spills over. May it flow over to you.


Alan Jarrett lives in Plant City and has been a Florida resident for 27 years. After selling a small specialty bakery and three coffee shops that were owned and operated in South America, it was decided to relocated to Florida in 1985.

Interests are racquetball, building recumbent bikes, an avid coffee enthusiast, dark chocolate aficionado,  photography, talking, acting, speaking to anything or anyone who will stand still, 13 grandchildren, and writing. After more than 40 years of experiences and accumulation of material, it’s time to publish some content.

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