11 Jan

The New Year is always a good time for assessing the previous year and planning ahead for the next one. It’s also a time associate with holiday hangovers and taking part in fun and festivities. Well, at Random Writers, it seems we’ve done too much of the latter and not nearly enough of the former.

So as we approach the mid-way point of the month of January, it’s time for us to kick it in high gear and re-tool our site as a platform for a collective writing community. Our goal for 2012 is to foster an environment that’s inviting for writers from all walks of life, specifically those whom feel they can’t write (or don’t know how to).

No one is born a writer. No one sets down the career path to become a blogger. It’s more of a natural occurrence that is found when experience, opportunity, and courage collide, and the culmination of thought and emotion is set free in the form of the written word.

Okay, perhaps that’s a little too much dramatic flair, but you get the idea. Every writer has to start somewhere, and we want Random Writers to be that place for you.

That’s not to say this site is noob-central. We welcome any and all writers looking to provide content, contribute to discussion, and expand their audience. We plan to focus on a handful of categories as well as continuing on our weekly discussion themes.

We feel this direction aligns with our original vision of making Random Writers a group of writers that can quickly mobilize and help get the word out through their respective blogs about issues and events that serve to better the lives of others.

That is our desire for Random Writers as we usher in the New Year. With all that in mind, we present you with a blog written by our friend Joseph Lalonde. It was originally scheduled to post Christmas week, but it’s equally applicable as the first post of the year.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit us, and we wish you a wonderful, prosperous, and wordy 2012.

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