The Little Things In Life

23 Dec

By Shelbie Langlois

Random Writers: What Get’s You Off?

I’ve been called naïve countless amounts of times. I want there to be good in all people. I try to give and help others more than I get in return. I am the one who is “young and inexperienced” in the world.

A few days ago, I was driving to Wendy’s for my lunch break when I was overcome with this strange feeling. It hit my heart before it hit my head. I sent my friend a text that simply said, “I’m pretty sure this is how life is supposed to feel.” I myself was still trying to figure out this feeling, so when a text was sent back asking what I meant, I had to describe this feeling in words. That feeling that I had? Well, let me put it this way: I’m a sucker for the little things in life.

I have constructed a list of my own “little” things. It is the simplest way to give you everything off the top of my head….I hope you enjoy! J


  1. Detours (on the road and in life)
  2. Finding jeans that fit
  3. Kittens
  4. Old classic movies
  5. Wild Berry Skittles and Twizzlers
  6. Finding a REALLY good buy
  7. Mixed flavored Slurpees
  8. Coloring (I don’t care about my age!)
  9. Curling up and reading a book (no E-books for me)
  10. Bonfires and S’mores
  11. Cuddling
  12. Great customer service
  13. Laughing so hard you start to cry
  14. Watching sports with my dad
  15. Seeing my favorite bands in concert
  16. Dancing around without a care if I’m making a fool of myself
  17. Random purchases
  18. Records
  19. Finding cheap gas
  20. When people leave me notes/reminders
  21. Learning something new
  22. Getting letters in the mail
  23. PUBLIX!!!!
  24. Finding new music
  25. Stepping into a warm shower
  26. Meeting new people
  27. Playing Frisbee
  28. Walking along the beach
  29. Text messages
  30. Piggyback rides
  31. Waking up next to someone
  32. Getting kisses and big hugs
  33. Cleaning out your car…and giving it a bath too
  34. Toes in the sand
  35. Sleeping in
  36. Going to the zoo
  37. The Emojicon app and Instagram app on my iPhone
  38. The sound of the ocean
  39. Riding rollercoaster’s
  40. Phone calls
  41. Coming up with tattoo ideas/getting a new tattoo
  42. Skyping with my best friend Amanda when she’s almost 5000 miles away
  43. WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!!
  44. Caramel frappuccinos from Starbucks
  45. Lying on my floor just listening to music
  46. When my iTunes is perfect…all the way down to album artwork
  47. Eating cold pizza
  48. Sobbing over a movie scene, a part in a book, or just because
  49. Drawing in my sketchbook
  50. Making plans
  51. When people tell me corny jokes
  52. Singing in the shower or in the car
  53. Making a mix CD
  54. Driving with the music on and having no destination
  55. Laying outside and enjoying the night sky
  56. Finding people in your life that become family
  57. Promises that are actually kept
  58. The battery on my phone lasting all day
  59. Really good song lyrics
  60. Getting goose bumps
  61. Going fishing, even though I am not a fan of actually touching the fish
  62. The smell of dryer sheets
  63. Going to the movies by myself
  64. When someone compliments me on my hair smelling good
  65. Thinking about something random and laughing about it out loud…in public
  66. Carnivals and circuses (minus creepy clowns)
  67. Getting over a fear
  68. Curling up under the covers when it’s cold
  69. The sound of the piano
  70. Having a day all to yourself
  71. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in weeks/months/years and being excited
  72. Still getting ID’d for rated R movies
  73. Drinking a Bud Light
  74. Spending too much time on Tumblr…which is like everyone else’s Twitter…
  75. Reciting every line, word for word, while watching your favorite movie
  76. Heaps and heaps of sarcasm
  77. Watching the sunset
  78. Making baked goods
  79. When I’m driving and a classic car passes me
  80. Having a family game night
  81. Did I mention laughing?
  82. Getting front row parking
  83. Making someone else’s day
  84. Going out to eat and ordering something new
  85. Having long conversations with strangers
  86. Taking funny pictures with friends
  87. Feeling good after a work out
  88. Watching someone play the guitar
  89. Walking around barefoot
  90. Riding with the windows/top down
  91. Receiving a mix CD
  92. Picking someone up at the airport
  93. Harry Potter books and movies
  94. Watching the sunrise
  95. Going somewhere that no one knows your name
  96. Taking your bra off after a long day
  97. Landing on the exact amount when pumping gas
  98. Blowing bubbles
  99. Taking a bath
  100. Having a good hair day


Random Writers would like to thank Shelbie Langlois for being a guest contributor to our site for this week’s topic. Shelbie is pretty sure she doesn’t know what to write about herself. She loves her blooming career at Publix Supermarkets, music, meeting new people, and cats. She lives in Cape Coral, FL, and her room is normally a mess. She expresses herself through her writings, drawings, and music. Facebook creep if necessary.. 🙂

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One response to “The Little Things In Life

  1. Gil Gonzalez

    December 23, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Thanks for sharing, Shelbie. Great list. #96 is a personal favorite of mine, too.


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