My Heroes

16 Nov

by Lindsey Goodall

This weeks random writers topic was to write about someone we considered to be a hero.  As I pondered who to write about, I was kind of at a loss.  Sad, but true.  Of course, there are people in my life I admire and look up to, but I couldn’t really find that one person who I felt truly demonstrated the definition of a hero that Jeff defined yesterday in his post.

But tonight, I left a group of women, who come together once a month for a general membership meeting of our local Junior League.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, so let me preface this by saying our Junior League is not my momma’s Junior League. Today’s league differs greatly from the ones of olden days.

Our league is made up primarily of working, career-oriented women, most of whom are mothers, who are committed to serving the community IN ADDITION to their responsibilities as wives, mothers, and career women.  There isn’t time for any of the catty, cliquish behavior that Junior Leagues are often known for. We are simply a group of women, committed to supporting our community by joining forces to provide meaningful assistance where unmet needs exist in our local area.

During my involvement with the league over the last 5 years, I have been astounded by what a group of women can accomplish when they put their hearts and minds into a project.  As I spoke to the group tonight about the recent success of a large fundraiser, despite bad weather and the resulting small attendance, I realized that we have NEVER dropped the ball on an event.  Be it a small community service project or a major fundraiser.  We get it done, and we get it done well.

These women commit approximately 100 hours to community service, through the league, each year, and many of them are involved in other organizations as well.  They are involved in PTA activities with their children’s schools, their churches, and many serve in leadership roles with other local organizations.  They do all of this, while juggling full time jobs, day care and babysitting arrangements, getting dinner on the table and family responsibilities as well.  I’m unencumbered in comparison without a family of my own to manage, and sometimes I find myself thinking it’s too much for me.  They are my heroes.  They are heroes to their families and to the community at large.  And they make it look so easy.

Jeff and I were out the boat this weekend and rafted up with a group of people from the marina for a cocktail.  Someone asked me if I was a feminist and I was silenced for a moment.  While I’d never really thought of myself as one, I’m thinking now that I’m pretty proud that I answered yes.  How lucky am I to belong to such a large group of heroes. Women achieve great things and show great courage and tenacity while doing so!

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