Military Theme: What is One Change You’d Like to See in the World?

08 Nov

By Jeff Smith

I have been having a conversation with myself for the past ten minutes about how to answer this question.

Okay, Jeff, how are you going to answer this question with out coming off as a ranting liberal lunatic or some conservative pro military nut job? After all, whenever the topic of discussion comes to the military, you can only fit into one of the two categories, right?

If you want to stop fighting senseless wars and bring the troops home to secure our borders, then you are totally letting all the terrorists take over the world and in any minute they could attack our country again. If you support the troops going into an impoverished country in an attempt to provide aid and assistance to the people, then you obviously don’t realize that there are poor and hungry in our own country that need help. If you feel that we should get involved in ending the piracy of ships off the coast of Somalia, then I’m sure someone will give you the “Yeah, but we are not the worlds police” response.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like our country is more divided than it has ever been on many of the big issues that we face as a nation. I’m sure that all the talking heads with their extreme viewpoints are not helping to bring the nation together as a whole.

I guess my answer to the question of what change would I like to see would be to have the people of this country come together, to have the majority put aside their petty differences, and determine what this country needs to do to become great once again. Obviously this directly involves the military.

If you look at all of the money spent on militia around the world, we account for 42% of the money with China coming in second at 7%. With so much of our tax dollars going to our millitairy, I would love the see the military working for the people, and not for some politically based, underhanded government objective.

If the people want our armed forces to go on an aid mission, then they should go on an aid mission. If the people want our forces to bring some resolution to the Mexican drug war, then they should go help out with that situation. If we need them for disaster relief after a tornado or hurricane, they should be there. I would like for our military to be more at one with the people. Let’s have national polls and votes to help determine the direction of the country and what our military does.

With all that we have invested, let’s really make it count.


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2 responses to “Military Theme: What is One Change You’d Like to See in the World?

  1. alanj11

    November 9, 2011 at 8:54 am

    The question was dealing with a change in the world as it addresses a military theme, and seems to have narrowed in on change in the U.S. In an attempt to see the broader picture that the question seems to imply, change is happening too fast to keep up with as it is.

    Who determines that change is needed? How can it be decided what needs to change and is it the same for everyone? Where exactly does it begin? Is it just about the military? It would make sense to me that before deciding what one change in the world you would make, to try and weigh what change would make the biggest positive impact. And therein lies the challenge!

    The constant struggle for power and money have been at the root of wars and strife since the beginning of time. Military force has always been the means to enforce power and dictatorships. When the world population was less and it took longer for news to reach the distant places around our globe, events seemed remote and their impact was not as great. Today, a stage collapsing at a state fair in Indiana draws attention around the world, or a boy with Downs Syndrome singing the National Anthem, getting help from an audience goes viral.

    Each and every day some scandal is uncovered or invented. Slowly but surely we are becoming desensitized to poverty in Africa, wars in the Middle East, natural disasters, political abuse on a massive scale, so that the impact of corrupt governments supported by an equally corrupt military, does not galvanize us to take action like it did more than 200 years ago in this country, and in other countries around the world. It’s become business as usual. We are so distracted, intentionally, that the real issues go unattended while we as a world slide into a quagmire of despondency.

    There are many worldwide movements that go unheralded such as “The Intention Experiment” proving the power of positive thought to impact levels of violence and crime. Or the “Alliance for Natural Health” formed to prevent the FDA and Monsanto from forcing people around the world to eat genetically modified food and consume more harmful drugs! These receive no media attention, yet the crime rate for a whole month in Washington D.C. fell by half, and was acknowledged by the Chief of Police that this was a direct result of the Intention Experiment! Did anyone see or hear about that in the media? An equally powerful experiment has been done for Somalia and results are still pending.

    While many more such occurrences and events could and should be mentioned that would make significant change in our world, they take power away from those who have it and don’t create as much money as wars and strife. Pretty much in a nutshell you have it. Power and money vs. peace and prosperity. That may seem simplistic to some, but it offered only as food for thought.

    What one change in the world as it pertains to a military theme? That people would stop living in an illusion of ego and be aware of who we really support. When the military realizes that the power has changed to the people they are sworn to protect, only then will there be some real change. What will that take? People no longer afraid to make the same sacrifices the military has made for causes that bear no benefit for this country which has the potential to impact the world we live in.

    But that sounds like another war! What has that ever solved? There will be one final war, to decide for all time and usher in true peace and prosperity. It’s only a question of when!


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