That Was Some Crazy Ass Thinking

20 Oct

By Lee Sullivan

Random Writers Week 5 Topic: What is one thing you felt strongly about but changed your mind?)

When I first started my blog I only knew that I wanted to use it as a way to discover my authentic self and simply to get more real with my internal thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t at all sure of where I was going to go with it and I have to tell you, I’ve really surprised myself with some of the things I’ve written. There have been times I sat down to write one thing with a clearly defined conclusion in mind and ended up somewhere completely different, a thousand miles from where I started. For this reason, I feel that I’m a long way from completing this journey but I know I’m on the exact path I was meant to take.

Herein lies my problem. When I started this blog I had in no way intended for it to be a blog about God or faith or religion. I know there were a few posts back in January and a couple sprinkled in since, but for the most part, I would intentionally leave God out of my writing if I could. I had this very strong belief that if I wrote too much about my faith, that it would turn people away. I felt that way because of some of my own ideas toward others who openly and loudly proclaimed their love for Christ.

Let me explain a little bit. There have been times in my life when I’ve been surrounded by ‘in your face’ Christians. I’ve had family members, coworkers and acquaintances who only spoke in a language where every other word was God or Jesus or Heaven or hell. I found myself in situations and conversations with these people that left me feeling angry and this would typically result in an eye roll and quick exit. I think it was these situations early on in my adult life that turned my faith inward and I became much more reserved in what I shared about my beliefs. I know that God wants us to share His word but I was too busy hiding from it to make it known it to anyone else.

There was also a big part of me that was scared to share my beliefs with others.  I always felt that I wasn’t a very educated Christian so, rather than find myself in situations where I had to back up my beliefs, I just remained quiet. Even though I grew up in church, I don’t feel like I retained much of the knowledge that was shared with me by teachers and preachers. I didn’t grow up reading and studying the bible in a way that I should have and by early adulthood, I very rarely ever stepped foot inside a church except for weddings, funerals and Easter services. I just couldn’t explain why I believed and refused to put myself in a circumstance that required it. I found if they were challenging me, they wanted definitive proof and most people just didn’t accept “because the Bible says so” as proof of God.

It’s so sad but these feelings have followed me into my Forty’s and I didn’t even realize it until recently. I never talked about how I felt and that I was intentionally excluding my faith from my blog and my journey to find my authentic self. Well, that’s not true. Back in May I wrote a post about addiction. Near the end of the post I mentioned ways someone might help another who is struggling. When Gil read this post he actually called me out on how I didn’t mention prayer. I had typed it, then deleted it. I told him I had done that and how I didn’t want my blog to become one of those ‘crazy Christian’ blogs. I explained that I was concerned about turning people off with an overtly religious sentiment. I’m sure I spewed out some other lame rationales for not including the suggestion of prayer but I can’t remember them all now.

What it boils down to is that I felt very strongly about not turning my blog into something that might turn a so-so Christian or a non-believer away.


What kind of crazy-ass thinking was that? THAT is exactly who I should be sharing my faith with. Can you believe how much I allowed the devil to creep into my thoughts and hold me back from sharing a message as powerful as the love of God? So, here’s the thing. I’ve come to realize that I was writing for who I was before. Now, I’m writing for who I want to become. And that person is someone who is proud to say that I love Christ and I’m trying to live a life that would make Him proud. I’m not always successful but that’s the beauty of God’s grace. He will forgive me when I mess up.

I’m not planning to change the way I write my blog but I’m certainly not going to censor myself when I feel God speaking through me. Gone are the thoughts that I need to justify my faith in God by spitting out scripture and passages from the bible to back it up. I’m not teaching Sunday School. I’m sharing my story and my story doesn’t exist without God’s grace. I’m writing this blog for me and I cherish those of you who continue to read each post and those who pop in and out when you can. The last thing I want to do is turn someone away from me or from God because I write too much about my faith journey. But, what if the last thing I do is turn someone toward God because I shared my story?


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5 responses to “That Was Some Crazy Ass Thinking

  1. taureanw

    October 20, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Let your blog go where it wants to go. Enjoy the journey!!

    • purrfectlee

      October 20, 2011 at 2:21 pm

      Thank you. Now that I’m not fighting it anymore, the journey is so much more fun.

  2. Jeff

    October 20, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I was always taught that you can not be a lukewarm Christian. I have had these discussions with Gil. The words of my 8th Grade Bible teacher, Mr Ingraham, still resonate today. How can I be a Christian if I know I am going to Ingram Hill tomorrow night and have a few beers and potentially get a buzz? Or go on TRB knowing full well what happens on the boat? That is why I have maintained a very “personal” relationship with God and don’t talk much about it for fear of being a hypocrite.

    I do my best to “do the right thing”, and have my personal talks with God. I need to shed my memory of Mr Ingraham and my crazy ass way of thinking… work to do.

    Thanks again for you thoughts and having the time and energy to share.

    Love, Jeff

  3. Rae

    October 22, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Lee- your post has made me think of all the ways I do the same thing. Opened my eyes to the fact that I do omit my thoughts on God too much. Like you said- what if I do turn someone towards God because I shared my story? That would be an awesome thing. Thanks again.

  4. Deborah Stewart

    October 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Lee, I really really resonated with your post. In fact, your courage to stand strong in your faith and your beliefs gave me courage to stand strong in mine. Your post was the last thing I read before … well you know ; ) Thank you for that!

    I admire people with strong convictions, who have the courage and strength to live them. It doesn’t matter to me whether my beliefs differ … what matters is that we can share them, discuss them, respect them… and each other.

    I think you are an amazing woman. Loving, joy-filled, spirited, principled, generous, fun! Meeting you was purposeful. Our paths are crossing for a very beautiful reason. Here’s to a wonderful friendship. Hugs!


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