What is something that you have felt strongly about, but later changed your mind?

18 Oct

By Jeff Smith

Oh my! Where do I even begin to answer this question?

The only truthful answer I can come up with is- EVERYTHING.

Now the question is, how to explain my answer. I am not a flip-flopper, it is not like that. I am passionate. Those of you that read my valentines writing will understand that. For others, please let me explain.

When I decide to do something, I typically jump in with both feet and give it my 100% best effort. Be it a relationship, a hobby, a project, or just household chores. Whatever grabs my attention at the time, typically grabs 100% of my interest.

Hobbies, be it surfing, exercising, home improvement, kart racing, or my newest love, sailing, get this 100% type of attention and passionate drive. Nothing will stand in my way. I will voraciously read for weeks on end to learn and study my passion, which typically leads up to very successful times with the activity. But here is the kicker… I get bored.

I was invited to go to the local kart racing track to check out the action one afternoon with me brother-in-law. This was not your normal kart racing track where you pay your $25 and ride around in 5 horsepower karts with barriers all around them cruising around at 15 mph while banging into each other and off the walls. These were high powered karts on a tiny dirt oval running 45 mph! I was hooked. Someone was kind enough to extend an offer to me to let me take his kart out on the track and run some practise laps after the race. To everyones surprise, I declined. I did not need to go drive his kart, I was going to have my own set up before the next race, which was merely two weeks away.

Over the next two weeks I set up my race team. Kart, trailer, generator, tires, engines, spare tires and engines, I acquired it all. When I was not busy tracking down parts, I was studying how to set up karts. $7,000 later (with by no means the best equipment), I was heading to the track. I was scared to death and completely nervous as I headed out to practice with the group of 10 other racers that were in my class. I quickly grew accustomed to the karts setup and feel, which led me to qualifying in the top 5 and finishing 2nd in my first race. I won the second race that I ran, along with several others, and ended up winning the championship for the season even though I did not compete in the first race.

Needless to say I was passionate about kart racing, Yet as the doldrums of winter rolled through, I found myself thinking about the upcoming season quite a bit. I seriously had no interest in running the kart the next year. I did exactly what I had set out to do. I wanted to be competitive and see if I could win races. I did. Quite often too. But I was done. The passion was no longer there. Shortly after making this decision, I sold all my karting equipment, but I still have the pictures and the great memories.

I have similar stories for several other times in my life. My passion seems to be ever changing, as I crave a new challenge and decipher how to accomplish my goal. This is why I feel that my life is exciting.

I feel vibrant when I set off on a new challenge. I feel great accomplishment while working towards towards my new goal. I feel satisfaction when I know that I poured all of my capabilities into my quest, and I have conquered.

So what fuels you? What challenge do you have on the horizon that you want to work towards? Are you ready to give it 100%?

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One response to “What is something that you have felt strongly about, but later changed your mind?

  1. Deborah Stewart

    October 23, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Jeff.. I have never been behind the wheel of a kart … that’s probably a good thing…lol. But I can so appreciate your achievement orientation, and the passionate drive towards a goal. Woo! What you describe is a “singleness of purpose”… that becomes all consuming, and fuels big action. To the point where everything else falls away. Yup, guilty! I think they call people like you and I “quick starts”. Starting a new project is thrilling! Finishing an old project… umm… not so much. lol. But it makes for a fun life. Cheers to you Jeff!


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