07 Oct

By Regina Verow

What was a closed door that led to an open door?

When I first began thinking about this question, I started making a list of all the major events in my life that felt like doors closing and the good that ultimately came out of them.  How about the time I was laid off from a job I thought was turning into a career?  Or, the long-term relationship, which ended, seemingly out of nowhere and shattered my heart into hundreds of what I though were unrepairable parts? Or the phone call when I found out a man who, for all intent and purpose was my big brother, and had survived being deployed to the front lines of a conflict in the Middle East had unexpectedly passed away on the floor of his little house on a peaceful island in Canada. There were several major decisions I made at crossroads in my life that led me down a different path. How do I choose what to write about?

Then I thought about how doors have closed for me throughout my entire life: Some, I chose to close myself and some were closed for me, and in a few cases, slammed shut in my face. I’ve turned away form closed doors grateful to move on. I’ve starred at doors, horror struck, dumbfounded and yanking on the doorknob in panic, trying with all my will to wrench open a door not only shut but locked, boarded up and with a wall of cement behind it.

I’ve collapsed from the effort of trying to reopen a door and fallen backwards only to find a wide open door waiting for me to turn around and walk through it. Some days I’ve had to pick the lock and once or twice I had to take a sledgehammer to the drywall and build my own damn open door. But the opportunities were and will always be there. Because the truth is, just like the cliché, there have been countless doors that have opened for me despite and specifically because another door had closed. Every. Single. Time.

I came to be a coach through a series of closed and open doors – I started off as an anthropology major then earned a Master’s Degree in Film- and along the way I’ve studied theater, psychology and marine biology and worked for such diverse places as major movie studios and NASCAR stores. I’ve written poetry, screenplays, television scripts and video games, researched books and changed religions- all the results of one door shutting and another opening.

The truth is, looking back there aren’t any amazing stories for me to share with you – just lots and lots of common ones.  Doors shut every day and new ones open, and like everyone else, I wind my way through the fun house of life, never knowing what’s behind the next door.  But I know with absolute certainty, there’s always another one just up ahead. That’s the good news.  And we’re all the same that way. If you are reading this, looking for inspiration, I’m not sure I have any to offer.  But I can remind you that there is hope. Things constantly change and more often that not, that’s is a good thing – and if not, a new door will open soon enough.


Random Writers would like to thank Regina Verow for being a guest contributor to our site for this week’s topic. Regina is a life coach, writer, and blogger, and she currently resides in the Annapolis, MD area. We hope you will take a moment to visit her site Creatively Conscious. You can also find Regina on Twitter at @ReginaVerow

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