Opening Doors

05 Oct

By Lindsey Goodall

This Weeks Topic: Write about a closed door that led to an open door.

This is one of the topics that initially seemed challenging but one that I’ve really been looking forward to exploring.   My response doesn’t entirely fit the theme because it seems lately that several doors have opened allowing me to weigh a few options before closing the door myself.  As I reflect on this, I can see how I walked through them looked around a bit, tested the firmness of the ground below just to decide i shouldn’t go any further down that path.  So forgive me if I don’t strictly adhere in telling you about a door that closed and another that opened.

I’m definitely at a point in life where most of my options are open. I’m unmarried, childless and generally free to roam about the planet. The only thing I’m bound to is my paycheck source.  Because of that, I have the time and space to explore my options.  Writing would be the perfect example of that.

When I sat out on this writing journey more than a year ago, I had stepped through the door with a name plate on it that said, “write a book here“.  It felt as though God was holding the door wide open for me and ushering me through.  He provided multiple pats on the backs from friends and mentors as if to say, “here babe, this way”.  Despite the fact that I’d never written a damn thing of any regard, I knew that if He had ordained it, that He would make it happen, if I would just make the time and the effort required.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the cozy home that I found behind that door.  I’ve interacted with people I never would have known and explored parts of myself that would have remained unearthed had I not engaged in this process of self expression.

I’ve found words in me that I never knew existed.

But now I’m not so sure that there is a book within the walls behind the pretty red door that says “write book here“.  And while the thought saddens me, I’m okay with it.

Perhaps writing a book was just the carrot that God needed to coax me through the door because what I have gained by following Him through it has been increased faith.

Maybe it’s not about the book, or the door.

Maybe it’s not about me.

Maybe, it’s just about the faith.

The faith required to walk through the door when nothing behind it makes any sense.

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