Random Writers- Week #3

04 Oct

By Jeff Smith

This weeks topic for the Random Writers is- What was a closed door that led to an open door?

The first thing out of Lindsey’s mouth when I told her what our topic was for this week was “Uh, that’s going to be hard”.  Yeah.  That’s what I’m thinking too.  However as I sit here pondering the past, I have always known that I am not the one in control.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I could write about my divorce and how it has caused me to take a deep look at myself, in an effort to become a better person.  I could write about past jobs that did not go the way that I thought, yet making a change to another company proved to be a much better situation all the way around.  Cars crashed, friendships that went awry, beloved pets that have passed away, all have lead to a better outcome in the end.  Yet I don’t feel like this is the case of one door closing and another opening.  This is all part of God’s master plan.  He is the one in control.

I always had the mindset that everything happens for a reason, but when I went through the hardest time period of my life, it was proven to me.  The first of the month, my wife told me she wanted a divorce.  Shortly after my father went into the hospital.  Then I had to put my 18 year old cat to sleep. Three days later I wrecked my car and it was totaled.  Then came Christmas, where I had zero money for gifting due to my now ex-wife taking all of our funds.  Somehow I was still surviving.

With all of this happening within 6 weeks, one of my best friends told me “Anyone else would have a complete mental and emotional breakdown”.  I did not though.  I knew that everything happens for a reason and that God was in control and he wants good things for me.  And did He ever deliver!

Now divorced, I am happier that I have been in years.  My father recovered and is quite healthy.  My relationship with my dog is absolutely amazing.  I have a car that is ten times better than the last one.  But the big one is that I learned how much my family has my back.

Christmas is a huge event for our family.  We have several Christmas day traditions that I can not imagine ever not having.  There is a long drawn out gift exchange that takes hours, so with me not having any money or gifts a week before Christmas, I was stressed out.  Mom came to the rescue.  She picked me up and we went on a Christmas shopping spree.  She knew that I had not thought of any gift ideas due to all the other stressful events going on, so she had a list of suggestions.  And money.  Having your mother pick up your Christmas tab at 30 years old would usually be a negative thing, but this was simply the most amazing thing that could occur in the situation.

So have I had some doors close that ended up opening better ones?  Definitely.  Would God see it that way?

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