Random Writers Week 2

28 Sep

By Lindsey Goodall

Wow, it’s just week two and I still feel like this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!  If you haven’t yet read our posts from last week, be sure to check out the Random Writers website to catch up on those posts as well as to read the first two installments of this weeks topic from Gil and Jeff.  I’m love it how we each brought a different perspective to the table!

This weeks topic is “What is your favorite website and why?”.  See, from deep last week to pretty superficial this week.  RANDOM!!!

I had to think a little on this one, but once I realized that my hometown newspaper would likely not be all that interesting to you, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to let the cat out of the bag about my imaginary friend.

When I was doing the beta version of BlogRocket coaching with Bryan Allain last year, he sent me to check out this website, so it is only fair I give him the Cupid shout out on this one.  Thank you for the mojo, dear sir. And so it began.

From my very first visit to this website, it was love at first read and my relationship with my imaginary friend began.

Her name is Jaime and I think she’s tres cool.  She’s a missionary in Costa Rica, a wife and mother, and based on her online persona, my personal hero.  Her ability to share her self honestly, her boldness and willingness to share Jesus at any cost (yes, they’re in Costa Rica, and yes I’m sure that doesn’t exactly suck ,but giving up their life stateside hasn’t been exactly easy), all are attributes that I wish to one day share.   Reading her work,  helped me to step out in faith with the first inception of this blog, 3 Four Letter Words.  Unknowingly, she helped me find my voice and for that, I am grateful!

She is unabashedly . . .

The Very Worst Missionary

and so I say go.There. Now.

Do not stop to collect $200.  She can be your imaginary friend, too!

Oh, but wait, while you are there. . . note that support button on the right side of the page. Blessed are the givers! :-)

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