Oh, I Can Choose One.

27 Sep

I have been to the end of the Internet.

Seriously. I’m not a liar.

There was a bright light and some weird people dancing around wearing moo-moos and crocs and downing cheetos at a ferocious pace.

At least I thought that is what was happening. As soon as I saw the light and the bizarre beings, I got scared, turned around, and ran.

I ran until I got all the way back to MySpace.

It was a day that still haunts me. Sometimes I go there in my dreams. Er, nightmares..

In all seriousness though, I spend a fair amount of time browsing the world wide web, and as I sit here, in Denny’s, in a booth meant for four, but that is comfortably containing my laptop and myself, as I wait for cheesy eggs at 1 am, I ponder what the greatest website in all of the interwebs is.

My answer:


I really feel like Reddit is a well designed website that appeals to lots of my desires. It is well organized, has a pleora of available topics, and I don’t have to wade through tons of crap to read relevant things. If a topic, link, picture, or video is good, it gets upvoted. If it is bad, it gets down voted and just kinda disappears into the internet afterlife.

I must say that I am a voracious learner. I love to learn things. Random things. Reddit has a nice balance of random topics to learn about, along with some funny little tidbits thrown in to keep it amusing.

If you have not checked out Reddit before, I would caution you not to read the “front page” and think that is all Reddit has to offer.. There are a ton of “subreddits” which are in the simplest of terms, mini forums or communities, which are topic specific. The front page only displays a few of the top subreddits. Yes, there are a ton of cute cat pictures, cartoons, and memes to keep someone occupied for hours, but if you look a little deeper you’re likely to find internet gold.

Once you create an account and are logged in, you can pick which subreddits you want to follow. If your desire is to look at cat pictures, by all means go for it but what I find most interesting are the deeper topics. There are forums on science, DIY projects, psychology, business, sports, as well as local community forums. Reddit really is what you make of it!

So my dear reader, have you been to Reddit? What were your thoughts?

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