How Do You Deal With People That Don’t Believe In You?

20 Sep

By Jeff Smith

I would first like to welcome you to week number one, installment number two of Random Writings, a blogging adventure that a small group of us have decided to delve into. This is very different from past blogs that I have posted, but I hope that both of you that read my old blogs will follow along and find some value in what I write. I also hope that either the sticky keys on my keyboard loosen up (thanks to a Sam Adams that decided to jump onto my laptop), or magically a new computer appears.

This blogging event is very basic at its core. Four people threw out questions and then we drew from a hat for what questions would be used and the order of the questions. Question numero uno- how do you deal with people that do not believe in you?

My answer:


In all seriousness, this is something near and dear to my heart. I have two levels of conquests, big ones and HUGE ones.

When I have a big thought or conquest, I really tend not to ask any ones opinion, I just do it. If I have the gut feeling that it will work and I have the drive, I just go for it. I let people know that I am doing it, but really don’t care about what they thing. Yeah my ego is that BIG.

When I have a HUGE thought, I run into problems. When I mean HUGE thoughts, I mean life changing thoughts. Starting a new organization or company. Stepping way outside my boundaries that have been artificially set. Apparently I do not believe in myself enough to just make the change, so I tend to seek the opinion of others during these thoughts. If I believed in myself, I would just go with it as I do in most other situations, but at this point, for some reason, others opinions matter. Major FAIL. In the hopes of hearing rave reviews from others about my thought, unfortunately it has mainly been the opposite. I have run into a lot of resistance and negative opinions. Key players in my life have shit all over some of what I thought were some of my best ideas for businesses that have a huge potential for positive humanitarian change and personal sustainability.

So how do I deal with the negativity? Yes. Great question. I am still trying to figure that out. I have on a time or two gone ahead and made the move, but have been handed a big helping of failure once or twice. However I have come up with another theory that I am soon going to implement. Ask smart people. Ask people that have a positive outlook on life and our world. don’t ask people that I know are going to be naysayers. Ask people that are going to respond with a “Hell Yeah” instead of “Well, I dunno about that”. Yeah. I’m serious. That’s my “plan”.

So my challenge to you, (new readers- I like to give challenges) is to let me know if you would like to be supportive of some of my wonderfully zany ideas!

Requirements: Be intelligent (or at least be able to make an incomplete sentence make sense or articulately slur while drunk). Motivate me!

Email me, text me, call me- whatever.

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